Quartz Countertops Sale

Quartz Countertops Sale

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We specialize in providing quartz countertop installation services for Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia area at affordable prices. Our kitchen and bathroom countertops and backsplashes come in a huge variety of choices. We’ve installed hundreds of kitchen counters around the Washington DC Area – odds are good that you already know someone who has had their countertops installed by US Granite!


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Our team meets with you to discuss your project needs and provide a free quote.


We schedule the project and take measurements for your new counters using the overlay template method.


Using your template, we cut, fabricate, and polish the counters at our shop before they get brought to your home.


Your countertops are installed, the sink is set, and one coat of sealer is applied to the granite before cleaning up and completing the work.

If you have a Question, simply call us or request a estimate from us


US Granite Marble specializes Granite, Marble and Quartz Countertops.

We are providing professional Granite countertops, marble, quartz and other natural stone countertops installation for Maryland and Washington DC

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We offer over 200 different granite color choices. If you are looking for any specific granite color or good deal, please let us know , we are here to provide you the best natural stone service in the area. We guarantee to beat any granite quote from our service areas.
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General Questions

Can you afford NOT ” to have natural stone in your home? Natural stone has come a long way since it was first used in the home. With the technological advances and the cost of transportation and production, natural stone is more affordable than ever before. That is not to say that there are not more expensive and less expensive stones available, most stones do vary in price. For the low cost and the high return on natural stone, it is becoming a staple in most homes.

Let’s just say, if your house is for sale and you have stone countertops, I might be interested. It is said that most people, when searching for a home, first look in the kitchen and bathrooms. This is because those are the areas where people spend the most time. These are some main areas that are most likely not going to be replaced right away. People who walk into a beautifully decorated kitchen automatically can imagine themselves having a dinner party or making a meal. This creates an immediate desire for the house.
Most of the time remodeling a kitchen or bathroom for re-sale can have a positive return for the seller. On a street with multiple homes for sale, or even a geographical area, a home with a decorated kitchen and/or bathroom using natural stone and fairly new appliances will sell much quicker than a home that needs remodeling work. This ultimately makes your home a better buy and more desirable then the next one.

Other than being the coolest house on your block, natural stone has many advantages that make it one of the worlds leading solid surfaces. From the wide array of color selection to the ease of care and maintenance, natural stone is a product for the exquisite taste, and for people who want that “One-of-a-Kind” product. Being used for construction, natural stone has a very elegant and natural look, unlike any other surface out there. When natural stone is used for the home, whether it is countertops, flooring, showers or decoration, it always becomes a topic of conversation and is appreciated for its natural beauty. Because of the most recent technology created to manufacture natural stone products, it has become more affordable than ever, and based on the durability, these products are built to last for many more years than most other surfaces. It is said that granite countertops have a lifespan of over 100 years.  Natural stone can be found around the world in many different countries and climates. Under these unique conditions, natural stone can be seen in many different colors, patterns, and even shapes and sizes. Because of this large variety, natural stone can work with virtually any color or texture available.

By asking this question, does it mean you will be cooking up some food? If so, I’m on my way. Actually granite countertops are known to be one of the safer countertops when it comes to harboring bacteria. Granite is safer and more sanitary than stainless steel, which is used in most commercial kitchens at restaurants. There are even products that can be purchased such as our sealer and impregnator which has been developed to offer anti-microbial protection for countertops sealed with this product.  The other benefit to having granite in the kitchen is that it is virtually scratch resistant. That does not mean it cannot be scratched, it just means that someone would have to try to scratch it to see any results. As a matter of fact, cutting foods on the counter surface directly, most likely will not scratch the stone, but rather dull the knife blade used for cutting.

Is a 30 year old adult difficult to take care of? In some cases the answer is yes, however for this example, you will see how natural stone is basically self-maintained. Natural stone has come a long way since it was first used as decorative surfaces. Not only is it manufactured to last, but there have been extremely successful studies on how to preserve and maintain natural stone. When it comes to household surfaces, there are a large variety of products which are made specifically for natural stone. Some products are guaranteed to last a lifetime while others only last about one year. Either way, these products should be maintained on a regular basis to assure that your stone will remain in top shape to resist scratching and irregular wearing. Natural stones need natural care, so stay away from any chemical that is not specifically recommended or formulated for that type of product. We recommend using a specially formulated product that is meant for use on natural stone or simply antibacterial soap and warm water for those times that you are out of stone cleaner.  There are different types of stone, which all have different and unique ways to maintain them to keep them looking great for a long time. Some stones are affected by acids, such as ketchup, tomatoes, lemons, limes, and many more acidic foods. Marble and Onyx are some of the more delicate stones, especially when polished. For a list of natural stone care and maintenance products which can be found at AMC Marble & Granite,click here.


Preserving Countertops

Avoid acid. Anything that has a high percentage of acid, whether it’s from fruits or cleaning products, must be quickly wiped away. This is called hydrolysis, a process of chemical weathering due to acidic water. A mild and gentle soap will be more than enough to clean the surface. But if you’re still concerned, there […]

Granite Shapes

There are two ways you can shape granite: conservatively or radically. Conservative shaping refers to modifying the edges. It may seem not much like a change, but it’s a noticeable and it makes a difference. Depending on the theme of your kitchen, it can add a subtle pizzazz and tie the elements of the design […]